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judge complaint002contempt motion001The Vermont Supreme Court threw out the murder conviction of Kyle Bolaski.

The trial was prosecuted by John T. Lavoie, one of the most corrupt prosecutors in the U.S..

Lavoie’s crazed exploits are document in the following free online book,

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Lavoie, being the coward that he is hid under his desk and told his secretary to refuse delivery of my motion to intervene in Windsor District Court.  This alone constitutes grounds for disbarment and dismissal of the criminal indictment (called criminal information in VT).

Presiding judge Zimmerman who i successfully sued in federal court for civil rights charges (violation of the First Amendment), Huminski vCorsones, 396, F. 3d 53 (2d Cir. 2005) ruled on my motion to intervene in the district court with a conflict of interest.  I had sued her and the Vermont paid $200,000 in settlement.  She had a per se conflict of interest violative of Due Process.  The aforementioned misconduct of Lavoie and Zimmerman concerning my motion to intervene in Vermont v. Bolaski, tainted the case even before it was tried and set the tone for the Vermont Supreme Court later.

Zimmerman is now retired –Justice has prevailed. 

I would be very surprised if Lavoie stays on, If he does I will file to intervene again based upon his wholesale violations of attorney ethical precepts. This Lavoie character must be stopped. 

I have no opinion about guilt or innocence, I only can swear to the fact that Lavoie engages in prosecutorial misconduct and any case he is involved in violates Due Process.  



Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s website,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s website,

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